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I'm not sure why you'd ever come to this page, but if yer really gonna make me describe myself, then, well, here goes...Don't you just wanna kiss him?

I'm Steve, a spoken-for 60-something and, as you have probably fathomed, I'm pretty laid back. I have hair longer than most women I know and wouldn't cut it for the world. I live in a tiny town in northern California, but I do have a 30+ year-old daughter, Naomi, who never comes to visit. I love her dearly, and sure wish she'd call me.

I'm a happily self-employed computer consultant, maintaining some of the local business networks in the intermountain area.

I also have my own cabinet & furniture shop, Woodssong, which is what I did for most of my life before computers. I started Woodssong Cabinetry in 1989, and, after a disasterous fire in 2007, I'm working on/in my 4th shop in 25+ years.

I've been lucky a while back in finding my one true soulmate in this world, Sheryl, and she completes me in every way. I may have wasted the first half of my life without her, but now that I've found her, we both know that we'll spend the rest of our days in bliss. Sheryl
If you've met her, you'll know that she's the female version of me. Except prettier. Much prettier.

I'm into computers bigtime, and they used to consume a lot of my time, but that's dwindling (hey, it's summertime). No wonder I was single for so long...Oh, yeah, Me on Mt. ShastaCloser than you'd likeI spend as much time as two jobs permit out in the woods (I'm surrounded by them here in McArthur, California, USA), campin' with friends, homestead huntin', or just checkin' out the trees & flowers.

That's another passion of mine...trees. Trees are my touchstone. I've studied them extensively, not for a career, but out of interest. They deserve respect & reverence, and they give me piece of mind when I need it most. And some of them are alot more interesting than my friends! If you don't belive me, spend an hour alone under one.

Zeb is/was my rottweiler, and now that he's gone it's much too lonely. He keeps/kept Ol' Zebthe bears away when we were campin', and he was the only one besides me that was glad to see me get offa work. He passed this year, 2009, with a full belly and a lot of sad farewells.


I've been lucky to stay busy in all of the economic downturns, in one job or the other, I hope because of the quality of my work and the good name that I've created for myself in this tight-knit community. Word gets around fast in these parts and you don't make it here for 25+ years without doing something well.

Sorry to put you through that, I warned you it'd be boring. Now move on. Go look at some of my Day Trips, or my woodworking, or something.