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Just some things I picked up that you might find interesting

On this page you'll meet my family (in case you haven't had the pleasure), the best thing I got goin' for me. Maybe a photo or two to embarass 'em, and links to their e-mail addresses, which might prompt you to keep in touch (Don & Doreen!).

Now, I certainly don't want them to get a big head, but, honestly, I'd be a small man without their love & support, which makes them deserve a page of their own. And for the rest of my extended family, I shall put a quick and easy method to exchange some family photos. So, Aunt Betty, you'll just have to get an e-mail address!

Dear old dadMy father, Bill, has to be the first one on this list, not because I love him more than the others, but because he's been such an influence in my life. Without me even knowing. He's no longer on this Earth, but he is here with me whenever I need him, in other words, constantly. The values he instilled in me are of the most noble kind available. Work hard, always do the right thing (it's usually always obvious, if distasteful), and live by the Golden Rule. Values that no religion could have taught any better. And he never, ever said those words to me-he lived by them, and taught me by doing so. I am so much of my father that I don't think about it anymore. I relish it. He is, truly, the finest man I've ever met, in both words & spirit, and I'm so glad I'm like him. I hope he approves.

Diane has gone through so much in her life, I'm still not sure how she manages it with such aplomb. That's her on the left, attending what had to be one of the happiest days of her life-my niece's graduation. She taught me that riches are not something that you drive around in, or put on your mantle. Not how you spend your money, but instead how you spend your days, your life. And because of her, I've never felt poor. In fact, just the opposite. What a valuable thing. Thanks to her, if I died tomorrow, I'd have not one regret, not one lament on what I didn't have.