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April 2015

Boy, I sure don't get to play games as much as I used to. There's just way too much going on these days. Summer camping trips, impromptu troubleshooting for the businesses I consult for, and lots of honey-do projects. And don't forget the garden! Nonetheless, if I wasn't able to play a PC game every now and then, I wouldn't use this computer near as much.

I upgraded my PC since I last updated this page, and I'm up to a quad core 4GHz Intel I7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM. A new NVidia GeForce GTX 760 video card with 3gigs of DDR5 RAM was the newest upgrade I've made, so I can play just about anything out there, but I sure do enjoy a good first-person shooter! Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Crysis 3, Farcry 4 and Skyrim are keeping me exhilarated lately. This is a good year for gaming, I tell ya.

Next time I think of it, I'll screenprint some shots for you gamers.