Oak expandable entertainment center

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Just some things I picked up that you might find interesting

Red oak coffee table with display drawer

On this page you can have a look at some of my woodworking projects from past jobs. Needless to say, I can't post all of them here, since space won't allow. Also, I'll post pictures of the job I happen to be working on at the moment here, also.

Unfortunately, in my earlier years, I didn't even take pictures of my work, which I considerably regret now. Some beautiful work that resides only in the customers' home & my head. These days, I seldom let a piece leave the shop without snapping a picture or two. Keep in mind that I make no claims to being a great photographer, and my digital camera leaves quite a bit to be desired. But nonetheless, have a look. And do come back often, since I'll change these pictures often.

Most of the photos below are clickable for a larger view.

I also maintain lots of photo galleries of my past work in a more structured set of pages which you can find HERE.

Red oak bar Table
Red oak kitchen
Honduras mahogany hearth
Hickory Kitchen
Western pine desk
Birch and black walnut cradle
Red oak china hutch without the glass in the upper doors.


Oilar bathroom


McArthur kitchen1McArthur kitchen 2

Smith mantle
Red Oak Nightstand w/drawers
Black lacquer entertainment center

Miller kitchen

Red oak vanities
Western pine bookshelf
Oak bar and backbar
Cherry, maple, black walnut and alder bed frame
Ash desk with raised panel finished end.
Sorry about all the extra space between the text & pictures but it's purpose is to allow for older browsers and personalized font sizes.

Individual GALLERIES pages can be found HERE

Or, if you're looking for different ways to enhance your kitchen, take a look at these cabinet accessories

Red oak upper cabinet and light box with arched raised panel doors
Red oak corner cabinet with a surprise
Red oak bench with a comfortable curve
Birch and alder hutch and pantry units
Maple kitchen. This glass door and beveled upper was striking when installed
Brurud Hickory kitchen
Kroschel Kitchen 2
Stout kitchenStout Work centerStout Breakfast Nook
Zell Kitchen
Smith kitchen1
Red oak lattice wine rackRed oak kitchen with solid oak doorsMurray Stereo cabinet
Gray vanities
Hendricks kitchen
Mt Burney Senior Center Desk unit
Jacobson Entertainment center
Barnard tables
R and R Ranch-vertical grain fir bar unti
Redmon Sewing tables
Smith Bookcases


This is the Crockett kitchen, a beautiful hard maple set of cabinets with 34 drawers. This kitchen deserves a page of its own, which you can view HERE.

Jensen Kitchen composite

This is a very big kitchen, and there's another full wall of cabinets that you can't see here. Every last piece was non-standard, from the color to the door styles and everything in between. Sandi had a vision here, and I believe that this is what it looked like. It all came out splendidly, with good balance, warm and inviting colors, and comfortable spacing allowances, all due to the foresight on her part.

I've given this kitchen a page of its own, with more full-sized pictures of some of the details. Click here if you're interested.

Madden island
Madden Kitchen
Thorlaksson bed
Weston Kitchen