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Some of the artwork that I've wasted my time on Click here to see some of my work, current projects, etc.

Just some things I picked up that you might find interesting

Here's some images and other projects I've worked on using my computer as a brush. I have spent many, many hours sitting at this chair that I find myself at right now, and I'd be tickled pink if somebody other than myself actually looked at them!

What I really enjoy is learning new applications. I can usually hit it hard for a month or two, and then usually lose interest & go lookin' for another program. That's probably why I like shareware so much.

I'm also a 3D nut, and my 'puter's spent many a night rendering till the wee hours. Programs like Bryce & 3D Studio Max I really dig, because you can get great renders right from the start, but I also crave the deeper aspects, learning all the little details of a program, too. I use Corel's Dream 3D for the heavy-duty stuff because it supports exports from CorelDraw, my favorite drawing app.

Bryce & Photopaint composite
The ubiquitious 7Eleven. Be warned, this is a big picture!
Dream3D & 3DSMax composite
Exploded Cabinet
For you, Doreen
Fog practice using Bryce
Bounce movie
Entire room from Dream 3D
Globe movie. Takes about 7 minutes to download
A Bryce project
Custom wallpaper
Updated May 6, 2002