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Yes, I am a journeyman cabinet & furniture maker by trade, although these days it's seems that one occupation is not enough. I've been at it for many years, longer than my computer career, and I'm sure I'll leave this Earth with sawdust in my hair. It's certainly in my blood. And my nose...

I prefer to design & build furniture, and I steer more & more in that direction every year. Building furniture, say, a coffee table or an armoire, is much slower paced, and there's more time to think (& more things to think about), since I've never built the same piece twice. That fits my disposition perfectly.

Cabinets, on the other hand, are more of a production product, and though I build my cabinets more akin to furniture than most shops do, there is stiff competition out there, so I have to automate as much as possible. Most people don't have (or take) the time to look at the details of a cupboard, i.e., joint contruction, drawer suspension, material choice, etc., so long as it looks pretty from the outside, and a cheaper-priced estimate is more appealing in a lot of cases. Which is fine by me-my experience tell me that there's room for all kinds of cabinetmakers in the world. I myself have no interest in competing with the cabinet shops in the city. Been there, done that. Wasn't for me.

I strive to sell my products based upon what it takes to make them, charging a reasonable wage (usually $25 per hour), not by what the market will bear. I'd be ashamed of myself for using any other criteria, as should anyone else in any occupation. That's a biggie to me. To charge $20 for an item here, but $25 over there, or to that customer, will be this country's downfall.

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