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Woodssong Online Backup

Woodssong now offers a monitored, affordable and, most importantly, a bullet-proof offsite-online backup service that gives you the peace of mind that only comes from knowing that you will never, ever lose your precious pictures, documents and music. I've tested a dozen or more of the available online backup programs flooding the market, and Woodssong Online Backup (WOB) is the perfect choice. When you don't have time to monitor your backups, then WOB is just what you need.

Benefits include;

Another great feature of Woodssong Online Backup is the ease of getting at your backed up files from any web browser on any computer, no matter where you are. Simply log into your Backup Dashboard (from the link over there on the left) and select the files you want to download.

You can also share individual files or entire folders with anyone in the world with a quick click right from within your backup portal . An email message with a link to access the files (embedded within the message) can be sent to anyone you wish with no username or password required!

Customer Pricing

If you haven't learned by now just how important it is to back up your files every single day, then I guess we haven't met. The horror stories I could tell you about will make you shudder concerning customers coming to me with a bad hard drive and no backups of their files. And any experienced computer technician can tell you how many hard drives that they have seen go bad with no warning or indication of trouble.

Your pictures, documents, favorites, downloads, email and financial databases are so much more important than your computer, as you well know. You can replace a computer for less than $400.00 these days, but that special one-off photo of your grandkids? Of course not. But for $6.00 a month, you will never have to worry.

I myself have always pushed and coaxed and helped and prodded all of my customers to set up some backup regime, only to see that the backups aren't running the next time I go back there. This won't happen with WOB.

Now Woodssong can finally offer a secure and easy way to help our customers get backed up with the knowledge that the customer isn't the only one monitoring the backups. After receiving notice of a missed backup from any customer, Woodssong will follow up quickly, contacting you to inquire and even help find out where the problem lies. You certainly don't get such personalized service from any other backup product!

Please contact Woodssong here or call 530.336.6664 if this service interests you, or if you simply want more information.

Online Backup Interface

Existing Woodssong Online Backup users can log into your Customer Dashboard here.