My brother (and best friend) George decided to take an impromptu hike to this hidden falls on Little Hatchet Creek down in Big Bend. I'd hiked to the top of the falls a few times and found it to be an exquisate spot that few people know about, which makes it quite special in itself.George was feeling frisky this day and so wanted to see what the falls looked like from the bottom. Whew!

This is a pic from the top of the falls, which drops off with no warning in this very thick rain forest. There are some neat patterns in the exposed bedrock which can only be seen at this spot;
Rock patterns

We finally crawled down the canyon wall to get to this beautiful view of the falls;
Bottom view

George wanted to walk up to the pool at the bottom, and it was worth the boulder-scrambling;
Pool at bottom

I don't know where he gets his energy, but I think he was trying to prove how much younger he is!;
Crawling up

On the way out, we walked past this neat wall of grape vines. The forests here are really designated as a rain forest, and you can see exactly what that means by looking at the thick growth;
Rain forest

When we finally got away from the creek, we had to hike all the way back to George's house, which was quite a chore after crawling and hacking through the dense river canyon. Man, what a hike, though. We were both sore and tired but neither of us were willing to admit it. Or maybe it's just because we were still basking in the glow of this beautiful, hidden fall. It was well worth it.