Pit River canyon is a long & stunning back road to the powerhouses that PGE built on the Pit river between Lake Britton and Big Bend and is a nice drive during any season. There are many places to stop and explore (and great fishing, too), and you can live on the blackberries that grow along the road. The dirt road is somewhat washboarded and rough at times, but it just makes you drive slower, which is a good thing. Oh, and there's a spot around the Pit 3 Powerhouse (there's 3 powerhouses along this drive) that you can always spot a family of Bald eagles.

This picture reflects the steep canyon that the Pit river cut into the mountains heading towards Shasta lake. Most of the time you're driving well above the river, which makes for some stunning vistas;
Looking down

Here's a picture of Little Hatchet creek falls, which is not in the canyon but on the way. The locals call this Skinny Dip falls, but these days you can't get away with wearing your birthday suit unless you want interruptions;
Skinny Dip falls

Walking through shaded undergrowth trails like this is common along the river because the rains (about a hundred inches a year) keep everthing so lush and green;

One more picture, of an old oak tree that has donated itself to wildlife. Note the burn behind the picture, which is from a lightning strike;

Well, I know it's not enough pictures, so you'll just have to take the drive yourself and see the beauty that I'm speaking of. Make sure you bring your camera!