This trip constituted my very first official vacation, and, man, was I due!! Mike, Sherri and I had been planning this for 8 months, and it's a place that I've always wanted to see. I can't think of a better vacation destination than an old-growth forest, and it proved to be all I had fantisized. The Olympic Penninsula, way up in the northwest corner of Washington state, has all manner of forests and ecosystems, from remote brooks and lakes made just for you to superb and uncluttered beaches to lush and primitive elk-filled forests. And the sheer amount of forests, everywhere you look in all directions in every part of the state (not counting the glaring clear-cuts) is inspiring in itself.

This trip was something special, and I've chosen about 40 pictures to show here to give you a tiny vicarious vacation. This time, though, to show mercy to those of you that are still using dial-up, I've only included the thumbnails on this page. You can view the photos full size by clicking on them. And I don't think I'll describe each one, either!


We made a stop in Oregon on the way up and checked out Mt. St Helens. This picture barely shows the blown out face, and you can see the silt beds down below from the mud flow (next 4 photos).

One of those fabulous Oregon beaches that we all love to drive along in wonder.


"Steve, will you put that *&^%$#@!) camera away!"

"I think we're getting closer. Is that the forest over there?"

"Hmmm, maybe it's down this way. Come on, you guys!"

Now we're talkin'...

Thick and wet and lovely.

"OK, this is where I'm camping."

Neat stump.

I was thinkin' of swimmin' over to Canada but the water was a bit too cold that day. Maybe after dinner...

Take a look at the world's largest Cedar, we guessed about 23 feet in diameter!! The next photo gives an idea of the scale of this mammoth tree. Incredible. There were rooms inside 'a this benevolent sole. There was also a 6 foot tall Maple tree growing in its branches about a hundred feet up, too. Look close.

An inside shot...

Finally, a moment of blessed rest.

We met the neighbors, but they kept buggin' us all night for apples. Sheesh!

In my element and lovin' it.

These things are unbelievable.

Gotta take the kids.

And these Washington beaches! Oh man...

We weren't allowed to camp on the beach, and it's a good thing, 'cause you woulda never seen me again.

Big planes, too.

Talking about everywhere we've been and all we've seen and waiting for Sherri to hurry up with dinner.

We found a neat air museum on the way, too.

OK, that's all I have time to post. Thanks fer lookin.