Blanch lake in Modoc county is a few miles before Medicine lake, and, in my opinion, much better. Small, clean and usually vacant, this is one of our favorite camping spots. We took Sheryl's granddaughter up there to see the wonders of nature, and it left a great impression. Jasmin lives in the city, so this was quite a learning experience for her. She thoroughly enjoyed it, and cannot wait to go back. Hell, neither can we. It's a special place.


The lake is small, shallow and grassy-bottomed. This is about half of it.

Frisbee champion

The dogs had so much fun with their young companion, they served as an escort and babysitting service.


The deer in this picture kept getting closer and closer as long as we stood still. Fascinating for Jasmin, and really cool for us grown-ups, too.

Our friend

A good way to teach children patience. We walked down to meet this guy, and it surprised us how close he let us get.

Lava tube

Jasmin had never seen such a cave, a collapsed lave tube. She wanted to go deeper into it than I did!