There's this really neat spot between Burney and Fall River Mills called "Between the Rivers" that I've hiked into close to a dozen times over the years, usually alone, but it's a nice spot for a picnic and a female companion. The area gets its name from the Hat Creek and the Pit River, which join at the end of this 2-mile length of land. You can walk in hugging either river, and when you get to the end where you can't go any further (where the rivers join), you can sit on a little bluff overlooking the confluence of both. This is a very special spot, and I'm guessing that it was a very sacred spot for the native Americans. Between the Rivers is a hidden gem that we all drive past all the time, right there next to highway 299 (next to Hat Creek park). The white and black oaks that fill up this area are some of the most magnificent I've seen. Some of the white oaks are huge, with perfect symmetry, just perfect for a nice, shaded lunch break on a hot summer day.

Just as you leave the highway, you can look down into Hat Creek park;
Looking down

The diatomaceous cliff is neat looking and a sure-fire way for you to find the start-off point since you can see this on the highway;

Here's a white oak leaf in the waning years of its life;

Tweezle fields are no fun to walk thru, but there's not much of it. Pretty, though;

Another shot of the terrain and some of the beautiful colors of Fall;

You can see the deep ruts of this old wagon trail and the somber white oaks that line it;

This is a shot of the Pit River;
Pit River

Some one built this working weir (?) to accommodate the elevation difference between the 2 rivers;

And this is the spot at the very end of the hike where you can see both magnificent rivers join together, which is the top of Lake Britton;
The end

So the next time you drive to Fall River Mills, bring your hiking boots and a picnic lunch and pull over next to the Diatomaceous Earth cliff. Grab your walking stick and head north. You won't be disappointed, promise!